VidiCert in operation at BR

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) implements quality control through VidiCert for their long term film scanning project.

Sonja Raffler (BR) checking moving image files with VidiCert for potential audiovisual film digitisation issues. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Bayerischer Rundfunk is digitising its 16 and 35 mm film archive with the support of two service providers during the next nine years. BR applies VidiCert for archive Film Scanning QC on the files delivered by the service providers in order to ensure that migration from film to digital files is without errors. Specifically, audiovisual defects like under or over exposure, framing errors, unsteadiness, flicker, black or frozen frames, out of focus, excessive dust, and missing or superimposed sound are spotted. VidiCert was acquired by BR with the aim of accelerating the previous manual QC process.

By using VidiCert for quality control, BR can ensure that moving image content is preserved in the highest digital quality for re-use and access, maximizing the value of the content.



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