The VidiCert team and all other members of the Smart Media Solutions group are enthusiastic about audiovisual media, both digital and analogue. This enthusiasm has led us to launch the #passion4archives initiative, in which we asked archive experts about their point of view concerning the biggest challenges in audiovisual archiving and digitisation.

You are warmly invited to engage yourself by sharing your experiences with the hashtag #passion4archives.

Interview with Richard Wright, Audiovisual Preservation Consultant

Interview with Brecht Declercq, Flemish Institute of Archiving, VIAA

Interview with Franz Höller, Managing Director at HS-ART Digital

Interview with Herbert Hayduck, Head of Multimedia Archives, ORF

Interview with Thomas Christensen, Curator, Danish Film Institut

Experts opinion on: Should we keep or dispose video tapes after digitisation?

Interview with Daniel Teruggi, Former Director of Research INA (France)

Experts opinion on: What is the most remarkable digitisation issue you faced so far?

Experts opinion on: How do you ensure, that you are not losing audiovisual quality, when you are digitising analogue video tape or film media?