VidiCert for Essence QC



Essence (baseband) QC is traditionally a manual, time-consuming and hence costly process.


VidiCert automates video essence defect detection and optimises the verification process.


VidiCert can detect more than 20 defects and content properties. Customer-specific issues can be resolved using tailored detectors.


VidiCert fits into existing workflows and permits the integration of other QC engine results into a single user interface.
The VidiCert system is integrated with Cube-Tec’s CubeWorkflow solution for technical and content QC in archive migration, production and ingest applications and is integrated with NOA's ActLINE and FRAMELector products for technical and content QC in archive migration applications.

Technical Details

Significant automation of visual quality assessment

VidiCert is a software based solution enabling significant automation of audiovisual essence (baseband) quality assessment in a two-step approach. In the first step video or movie essence is analysed fully automatically in regard to audiovisual defects and properties, e. g. video breakup, block dropout, blurriness, noise or silence. In the second step, verification of the gathered information is done by a streamlined user interface enabling job-time optimisation. VidiCert offers efficiently the verification of the audiovisual technical quality as well as verification of the correct- and completeness of the video content. The result is a human verified quality report described in the standardised MPEG-7 format.So VidiCert is a “semi-automatic” video essence (baseband) QC system offering many visual and some audio checks. Verification by a human cannot be entirely avoided as human interpretation of results is required, but operator time is reduced to a minimum.

VidiCert Analyser

  •  Detectors
    • Noise Level (electronic & film grain)
    • Blurriness Level / Out of Focus / Upscaling
    • Dust / Dirt / Hair Level
    • Scanning Type, Field Order, Cadence
    • Freeze Frame
    • Digital BETACAM™ Dropout
    • Block Dropout, Macroblocking
    • Video Breakup (major video disruptions)
    • Black Bar, VITC Error
    • Test Pattern, Monochrome / Black Frame
    • Luminance Range, Gamut / Clipping Error
    • Silence
    • Dolby®E™
    • Others under development - please ask
    • If you need a specific solution we are here to implement it
  • Metadata fully compliant to MPEG-7/AVDP (XML)
  • Customizable analysis profiles
  • Highly optimised GPU accelerated algorithms
  • Workflow integration via web service & drop folder

VidiCert Summary

  • Advanced summarisation and navigation by various timeline based metadata views
  • Efficient human quality judgement
  • Job-time optimisation – trade-off human effort against verification accuracy
  • Fully customizable user interface (including full screen video player support on second monitor)
  • Frame accurate player with desktop based zoom, filed playback and audio selection, or SDI output
  • Interactive defect annotation
  • Rating support for multistage QC

General Features / VidiCert supports efficient workflows in the following ways

  • Automate quality assessment of video essence by usage of automatic quality detection tools
  • Analysis Profiles for customizing detection tools
  • Efficient interactive verification tools for minimizing eyeball time of audio visual quality and content checking
  • No reference video required
  • Detects multi-generation defects
  • Independent from video resolution
  • Highly optimised GPU accelerated algorithms
  • Workflow integration via web service and drop folder

We support the entire development cycle

  • Customer Specific Solutions
  • Installation
  • Demo-Software
  • Training

The Audiovisual Media research group offers robust and customer specific quality assessment solutions.

We support the entire development cycle, starting from researching new quality detection algorithms and intuitive user interaction techniques up to the development of software prototypes and products for content based quality assessment.
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