VidiCert at FIAT/IFTA 2017

JOANNEUM RESEARCH defines relevant digitization QC tasks and reports QC statistics from a large scale video migration project.

At this year’s FIAT/IFTA conference in Mexico City Peter Schallauer shared JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s experiences from recent years on which different types of QC are relevant when migrating audiovisual media. The presentation contains definitions of these QC types as well as large scale use cases for video digitization (ORF) and film digitization (Indiana University) in which these different QC types have been practically implemented. Furthermore, long-term statistics on human verified audiovisual digitization defects were presented for the first time. This not only gives insights on how frequent specific classes of digitization defects are, it also shows to which degree defects can be detected by specific VidiCert baseband/essence detectors or the VTR playback device. The presentation is available here.