VidiCert Benefits

  • Select rushes and dailies by audiovisual and content quality
  • Assess audiovisual quality in video and moving image post-production
  • Ensure audiovisual quality at ingest for broadcasters
  • Estimate effort for video and moving image restoration

VidiCert functions specialised for Production-QC


Audiovisual defect detection and verification functions relevant for production

  • Blurriness Level
  • Noise Level (electronic and digital sensor noise)
  • Under&Over Exposure
  • Unsteadiness Level
  • Flicker Level, Flash Light
  • Gamut Error
  • Contrast/Luminance Range
  • Macroblocking
  • Block Dropout
  • Freeze Frame
  • Single Coloured Frames, Test Pattern
  • Scanning Type, Field Order Error
  • Audio Silence
  • Superimposed Sound
  • Loudness