The Leading Solution for Image and Sound Quality Control

VidiCert is the quality control (QC) solution specialised in ensuring highest digitisation quality for your film and video collection. Its extensive set of automated functions for detecting specific audiovisual defects occurring in the digitisation process and its highly time-efficient eyeball QC functions enable cost–efficient and high-quality digitisation workflows for broadcast archives, film archives, and any other institution preserving and re-using archived video and film.

Any QC task in video and moving image production, post-production and delivery, where image and sound quality needs to be checked thoroughly, benefits greatly from VidiCert’s unique set of image and sound QC features. VidiCert is the complementary solution to container- and bitstream QC systems.

Key Benefits

  • Cost efficient image and sound quality control  

    Operator QC time reduction up to a factor of 10 compared to manual QC.

  • Versatile functionality 

    VidiCert comes with a comprehensive set of specific functionalities and defect detectors addressing all your needs in video digitisation QC, film scanning QC and content QC.

  • Straightforward workflow integration and functional extension 

    Due to VidiCert industry standard interfaces and modular design it can be easily integrated in any workflow and extended to specific needs.

  • Address your specific needs 

    Cost-efficient development of custom defect detection functions based on 25 years of experience in image quality analysis and restoration

IU QC Experiences at AMIA 2020

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IU QC Experiences at AMIA 2020

Indiana University (IU) shares operational experiences in using the VidiCert quality control software for their large-scale film digitisation project.
Credit: Bayerischer Rundfunk and JOANNEUM RESEARCH
Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) shares operational experiences in using the VidiCert quality control software for their large-scale film digitisation…
VidiCert at FIAT/IFTA 2019

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VidiCert at FIAT/IFTA 2019

JOANNEUM RESEARCH leads an expert table on “Quality Control in Media Digitisation and Digital Migration”.
QC Experiences from Scanning 3200 hours of Film
Indiana University and Joanneum Research share quality control insights from the first two years of Indiana’s large-scale film digitization initiative…
Film Scanning QC Experiences

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Film Scanning QC Experiences

Indiana University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH share quality control insights from the first year of Indiana’s large-scale film digitization initiative at…
Portland Calling - VidiCert at AMIA 2018
Joanneum Research and Indiana University report on their experiences and benefits of using VidiCert quality control in the large-scale MDPI film…
VidiCert at FIAF 2018

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VidiCert at FIAF 2018

VidiCert by Joanneum Research at the International Federation of Film Archives’ Annual Conference in Prague, 22-27 April, 2018
VidiCert at FIAT/IFTA 2017
JOANNEUM RESEARCH defines relevant digitization QC tasks and reports QC statistics from a large scale video migration project.
Indiana University selects VidiCert for film digitization quality control
Efficient automatic checking safeguards the digitization process—and the priceless film collections being preserved