VidiCert at FIAT/IFTA 2019

JOANNEUM RESEARCH leads an expert table on “Quality Control in Media Digitisation and Digital Migration”.

VidiCert at FIAT/IFTA 2019


At this year’s FIAT/IFTA conference in Dubrovnik Peter Schallauer from Joanneum Research’s leads an expert table on “Quality Control in Media Digitisation and Digital Migration” (24th of Oct. 14:00). Today many archives digitise their legacy holdings (video tape, film) either in-house or with help of a service provider, or they migrate their digital media files from one storage generation to the next. In all these cases the quality of digitisation or migration shall be as high as possible in order to preserve the archive content in best possible quality as well as to allow for optimal exploitation of the content in the future. Quality control is therefore a crucial step during digitisation and digital migration. In this expert table following questions can be addressed:

  • What issues can be avoided by QC?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of possible QC approaches like spot checking, semi-automatic, fully automatic QC?
  • What types of digitisation and migration QC exist, e.g. standards compliance QC, image and sound QC, content QC, file migration QC?
  • What are the risks when digitisation or migration QC is not applied?
  • Which costs are involved in digitisation and migration QC?
  • How efficient is digitisation resp. migration QC?
  • What is the better choice: digitisation QC done by the archive itself or by the digitisation service provider?
  • What QC approaches are useful for digital migration, e.g. between LTO tape generations?
  • And, of course, any other question from the expert table participants.

This expert table gives interested parties the possibility to get an overview on the state of the art in quality control for media digitisation and digital migration, to discuss their own needs, to learn from each other, and to get advice for starting and ongoing digitisation and migration projects.

Peter Schallauer will also be available for further discussions during the entire conference from 23rd to 25th of October. Looking forward to meet you there!