BR QC Experiences at FIAT/IFTA-IASA 2020

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) shares operational experiences in using the VidiCert quality control software for their large-scale film digitisation project

Credit: Bayerischer Rundfunk and JOANNEUM RESEARCH
Presentation. Credit: Bayerischer Rundfunk and JOANNEUM RESEARCH


Within a period of ten years BR is digitising with the help of two scanning service providers major parts of its 16 and 35 mm film archive. After two years of operation, BR shared at the FIAT/IFTA-IASA Joint Conference 2020 its experiences of setting up the digitisation project and of using the VidiCert software for archive Film Scanning QC.

The presentation gives insights about:

  • why and how the film digitisation project has been setup and how it is managed today,
  • that a spot checking quality control approach is not sufficient,
  • that VidiCert quality control allows BR to find relevant digitisation issues in a highly time efficient way,
  • what the main digitisation issues have been,
  • that the implemented quality control workflow allowed to reduce the file rejection rate by a factor of five between the start of the project and today,
  • and consequently that the audiovisual quality of digitised film as well as the efficiency of the whole digitisation and quality control workflow is improved for all involved parties.

We from JOANNAUM RESEARCH are happy that VidiCert greatly supports BR to meet their image and sound quality standards for migrating film to digital preservation files.