IPBC’s QC Experiences presented at FIAT/IFTA 2022

Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC) shares operational experiences in using VidiCert for retrospective image and sound quality control in their large-scale film digitisation project.

IPBC’s QC Experiences presented at FIAT/IFTA 2022


As part of IPBC’s large-scale 16 mm film digitisation activity, more than 10.000 files/reels have been quality controlled in a retrospective way within a period of 10 months. IPBC shared at the FIAT/IFTA Conference 2022 its experiences of setting up the digitisation project and of using the VidiCert quality control software for archive Film Scanning QC.

The presentation gives valuable insights into:

  • how the film digitisation project has been setup and how the digitisation workflow is managed today,
  • that a short digitisation pilot and spot checking QC only, did not disclose the significant image and sound quality digitisation issues,
  • what the main digitisation issues have been,
  • how the VidiCert workflow has been setup during the Corona pandemic for retrospective, semi-automatic quality control,
  • that the implemented VidiCert workflow allows IPBC to find relevant digitisation issues in a highly time efficient way,
  • and that IPBC was able to get a clear picture of failed files/reels allowing them to negotiate a correction plan with the scanning service provider.

We from JOANNEUM RESEARCH are delighted that VidiCert provides essential support to IPBC in meeting their image and sound quality standards for digital preservation master files.


For more information, please see also the presentation!