Content-QC for Video and Film

VidiCert Benefits

  • Ensure that content is consistent with metadata about the content
    • Essential for any automated archive content usage scenario
  • Ensure that content (e.g. the programme in the file) is complete
    • Especially crucial if destruction of physical media (tape, film) is desired after digitisation
Workflow Example

The video file containing the content is first automatically analysed by VidiCert for creating content summarisation information. The Content-QC operator gets presented in VidiCert Summary this content summarisation information allowing him to quickly check whether the content (e.g. programme) is complete and correct. Specialised playback capabilities in VidiCert Summary allow for the verification of visual and audio content properties (audio channel allocation, field order, start/end timecode, duration …) within the video file. At the same time the operator gets presented the metadata about the content, which are stored within the asset management system. The operator checks now for consistency between both. If metadata are not up to date, they will be updated according to the actual content properties discovered by VidiCert Summary. If the file content (e.g. digitised from a video tape) is not complete or is incorrect, the process generating the file (e.g. tape digitisation) needs to be checked for solving the issue.

VidiCert functions specialised for Content-QC

  • Content correct and complete
  • Title, trailer, programme layout
  • Audio channel allocation consistent with content
  • Start/end timecodes, duration exact and consistent
  • Scanning type (interlaced, progressive, pull-down) and field order consistent